Our corporate volunteering programmes provide corporations with an exciting opportunity to invest their skills and resources in the local community. We provide a robust and vibrant experience at our Southbank headquarters location.

Empower Australia approaches partnerships in a highly relational manner. In line with this, we can tailor volunteer programmes to your team’s objectives so that you get the most out of our collaboration.

Typically, the most common corporate volunteering program we run is through our Food Relief Centres. Teams can be involved in inventory, stock management and logistics. This is often a refreshing experience for corporate employees as well as a positive team-building experience, especially since we frequently include opportunities for volunteers to meet and interact with those who are benefiting from food support.

Other Empower programs include English classes, community BBQs in public housing areas and job readiness training programs. If your teams have specific skill sets that you would like to offer in these areas, we would love to chat further.